Children's Eye Exams in White Plain, New York

Ensure your children have the best start at school with a proper eye exam from Gerlan & Gerlan Optometrists in White Plains, NY. With over 25+ years of experience, our optometrist will identify any eye problems your child may have and recommend treatment or vision correction if it's needed. Contact our office today to schedule a children's eye exam: 914-948-6969.

Pediatric Eye Care From Caring Ophthalmologists

  • Distance & Near Vision Tests
  • Eye Movement Skills Test
  • Binocular / Eye Coordination Test
  • Peripheral Awareness Test

Caring, Pediatric Eye Doctors

  • Infant Eye Testing
  • Preschool Children Eye Testing
  • Annual Vision Screening for School-Aged Children
Eye Check Up — Gerlan & Gerlan Optometrists in NY
Have your children's eyes cared for by the caring ophthalmologists at Gerlan & Gerlan Optometrists in White Plains, NY.
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