Eye Infection Diagnosis & Treatment in White Plains, New York

Do not let your eye infections go untreated. Get prompt eye care from Gerlan & Gerlan Optometrists and ensure that your vision isn't permanently affected by a fungal, bacterial or viral eye infection. Contact our office in White Plains, NY at 914-948-6969 for immediate eye infection diagnosis and treatment.

Styes & Chalazions

If a warm, compress doesn't help soften the blocked oil gland of your eyelid (chalazion), schedule an appointment with our eye doctor in White Plains, New York. We also treat styes, which is a bacterial infection in the eyelash root. Call today if you suspect that you have a stye or chalazion: 914-948-6969.

Eye Infection Examinations For:

  • Pink Eye / Conjunctivitis
  • Ocular Herpes / Viral Keratitis
  • Fungal Keratitis
  • Acanthamoeba Keratitis (Parasite Eye Infection)
  • Bacterial, Viral & Fungal Eye Infections
    Eyes — Gerlan & Gerlan Optometrists in NY

    When You Should Call Your Eye Doctor:

    • Eye Pain or Light Sensitivity
    • Swollen Eyes or Increasing Redness
    • Itching & Blurry Vision
    • Yellow, Green or Watery Eye Discharge
    Identify any eye problems quickly and accurately by scheduling an appointment with our family optometrists in White Plains, New York: 914-948-6969.